by jorin

With one of us pursuing a career move that’s going to have them working with monsters, and the upcoming October scaretacular, maybe it’s time we discussed — MONSTERS!

  1. jorin Says:

    My dad and I were big monster fans when I was a kid. He’d let me sleep most of an evening on the weekends, and then wake me up so we could watch monster movies late on local TV. Most of them were either Japanese giant creature films, or something from the Creature from the Black Lagoon series. It certainly built an affinity for them into me.

    Of course, I was also permitted to watch John Carpenter’s The Thing at a very young age, which is still the scariest movie/idea out there to me. Although I also just love the movie, too. Very frightening stuff, but fascinating in terms of the things it attacks with identity and self.

    One of the few dreams I recall from my childhood, though, maybe shows that I had monsters a bit too much on the brain. My family had this low circular table, and in my dream I was in my house being chased around it by a vampire and I think maybe the Frankenstein monster. Just running in a circle. A very oppressive kind of feeling.

    In the dream, I managed to break off after a few laps, and make it into my bedroom, where I hid under my bed. The vampire entered (and it was a very classic widows-peak, black cape, puffy white shirt, amulet-wearing vampire). I thought I managed to fool him, but he stepped up to my bed, unhinged his jaw, and began to bite toward me with his lower jaw on the floor and the top one going through the mattress — which is where I woke up. Super freaky to the point of still remembering it over 25 years later.

    And here’s something to enjoy:


    The Cryptids section is pretty interesting … and I love that Faeries get the nod too …

  2. rob Says:

    The traditional monsters never really bothered me as much as the newer breed that came out in the 80’s.  Specifically Jason Voorhees.  I saw a few of the Friday the 13th movies and was terrified of him. 

    I don’t know for how long this went on (I am assuming a while), but I could never shower with the curtain fully closed.  I always had to keep it at least 1/4 open just to make sure that Jason couldn’t get me while I was my most vulnerable.  I also couldn’t simply get into bed.  I had to jump into bed (this way Jason couldn’t grab or cut my feet). 

    When I would try to sleep, the slightest noise or the slightest absence of noise proved too much.  I can remember laying on my back with my eyes closed tightly, thinking that Jason was right above me with a machete, and the second I opened my eyes…he would strike. 

    The traditional monsters and newer ones like Freddy Krueger scared me, but there was something terrifying to me about a killer who never talked and wore a mask. 

  3. rob Says:

    Sure, the above mentioned monsters are scary, but Mike has the terrifying assignment of working with the likes of these beasts.

    Godspeed, Mr. Carr.

  4. jorin Says:

    Wow, make sure to take a look at the “Jason Voorhees” as a child picture on that link Rob included above … the picture + the caption together are pretty funny stuff.

    I did a lot of trying to protect my hands, feet, and head by keeping total coverage, but the creatures that were scaring me were the ones I was watching with my dad — the creature from the Black Lagoon, and generally any sort of goblin-esque or reptilian type dudes.

    I was terrified of Golem from the LOTR books, and I think he was from whom I was most looking to stay hidden.

  5. vanessa Says:

    If I was a monster, I would want to be Candy Monster.  Kind of like Cookie Monster, except I would always eat candy.  After a while, I would probably want to become Mac and Cheese Monster, and then go back to being Candy Monster.

    I am going to get a snack…

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