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vanessa bayer

Vanessa began her comedy career at the University of Pennsylvania as director, writer, and performer with the all female sketch and musical parody group Bloomers. After graduating she moved to Chicago, where she currently performs with Revolver, as well as the Chicago Sashay Company, the sketch group Unicorn Battalion, and in the improvised show Ripple. She is a graduate of the IO improv program and the Second City Writing program, and is currently a student in the Second City Conservatory. Vanessa also enjoys stand-up, being a Cleveland Jew, and sassing about. Vanessa is thrilled to be working with the brilliant and uniquely talented improvisers of Revolver, who always put a smile on her face and a dream in her heart.

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mike carr

Mike is originally from Boston where he first started doing improv and sketch at UMass Amherst. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in theater, Mike moved to Chicago, like many, many others, to study improv and hopefully do some comedy. And he's been lucky so far, getting to perform around town with the "hot" foursome of The Angry Northeast, sketch group Dysania, the upcoming Movie Team at IO and, of course, Revolver.

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jorin garguilo

jorin rides a wave of love made possible by the power of the Sun and Moon that is the Revolver experience.

Jorin also performs the Movie with Our Feature Presentation at iO, Mustang Repair at The Playground and The Chicago Sashay Company, coaches the Very Real Cops, and hails from North Carolina's ComedyWorx.

See more of his non-improv work at

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leah gotcsik

Leah Gotcsik improvises with Revolver at iO and writes and performs in sketch shows like Bikini Wax Poetic (Second City New Directors Series). She tours festivals and venues all over the country with her two-woman group, Somebody's in the Doghouse ( or She also likes to direct things. Most recently, she helmed a hot 10-minute play called 26 Grains featuring many of her Revolver castmates.

Leah is an original member of the mainstage cast at Boston's Improv Asylum where she performed and wrote original material for over 5 years. Her writing has been featured on HBO's Sketchpad2, in the New York Fringe Festival version of Jazz Hand's Across America's Warfield, USA, and in the original musical she co-wrote, Burlesque Exposes Bush; or, How Dubya Got Kerry'd Away. She is an Associate Faculty member at Second City, Chicago, where she teaches improv, sketch writing, and musical improvisation.

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len hoover

Len moved from Lima, Ohio, to Chicago in 2002 to dabble in creative things. Since then, he has appeared in Signal Ensemble Theatre's production of Much Ado About Nothing, a one-act play called Marrieds (as part of a one-act festival), a short film he barely remembers, and most recently, 26 Grains (directed by revolver-mate Leah Gotcsik) at Donny's Skybox. As you can see, he's pretty much stuck with the plan.

A graduate of the iO Training Center, Len is most happy to be playing with Revolver and thinks everyone should play with a revolver at some point in his/her life.

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george mcauliffe

George is a boy from St. Louis who decided two years ago that the best thing to do with his division three football experience would be to move to Chicago to write, perform, and improvise comedy. George has been performing in Chicago for the past year after completing the IO training center.

George can also be seen performing Monday nights at 8:00pm at the Annoyance theater beginning on September 11th as well as with the Chicago Sashay Company, and sketch comedy team The Unicorn Battalion. George is also a proud teacher at Fenger High School.

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rob white

Originally from Pittsburgh, Rob has been performing in Chicago for over three years. Rob received his bachelor's degree in Theatre Arts from the University of Pittsburgh, is a graduate of the iO training center and the Second City Conservatory Program. Rob can also be seen at iO with Our Feature Presentation performing an improvised movie. He is truly lucky to be performing with everyone in Revolver.

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mike enriquez

Originally from Newkirk, Oklahoma, Mike moved to Chicago to study improv and meet strange and exciting people. Mike had the honor of performing with the IO house team Fox Force Five for over four years and now can be seen with the Harold team, The Signatures. He is also an ensemble member of ComedySportz. Big thanks to every member of Revolver for all the huge laughs. Mike is feeling a lot of pressure right now to say something really prolific and deep, so here is one of his favorite quotes:

"There are two most important days in a person's life - the day you are born and the day you figure out why!!" -- author unknown

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ryan patrick dolan

Ryan Patrick Dolan loves playing with Revolver at i.O. He's trained at Annoyance, i.O., Acting Studio Chicago, and Act One. He co-wrote and performed in four revues at Boston's Improv Asylum. Theatre credits include "Happy End" with Brown Couch, and "Goodnight, Texas" with Act One. He has improvised in many locales including the Chicago Improv Festival with The Resistance, and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with Carnikid's "Chairs." Ryan has appeared in commercial and internet promotional work for the Bluegrass Cellular, Rhode Island Lottery, Stanley Steamer Carpets, the YMCA,, and the NCAA Women's Hoop City. He is represented by the Geddes Agency in Chicago.

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deanna moffitt

Deanna has always been drawn to comedy and found a home performing with ComedySportz and the critically acclaimed sketch group The 3rd Floor, in Portland, OR. She has performed in comedy festivals across the country and in Canada with the two person group All Jane No Dick and co-wrote and performed a two person sketch show entitled Berkowitz and Moffitt with the hilariously talented Andrew Berkowitz. She has also been fortunate enough to perform with the cast of ImprovAcadia in Bar Harbor, ME the past two seasons.

Currently Deanna can be seen performing improv on the main stage of ComedySportz Chicago and with Trifecta. She's a founding member of seven8nine productions which is the featured video sketch group at this year's Chicago Sketch Festival. And she's a member of the theater company Hubris Productions and will be performing in their fall '07 production of "5 Women Wearing the Same Dress".

Love and appreciation are what she has for her fellow teammates of Revolver. They're one funny, talented, smart, sexy crew.

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